About us

Salesgroup International is a joint venture between Appco Group and CIS/Russian based direct sales company OSE Limited.

The company activities bring together Appco Group’s, part of the Cobra Group of Companies, extensive international experience in customer acquisition and OSE Limited’s existing network of sales representatives.  
Salesgroup International targets the Russian market by basing their customer acquisition on Appco Group’s principles.

Salesgroup International is the largest direct sales agency in the Russian Federation and represents clients in the following sectors: 

  • Financial services 
  • Insurance 
  • Charitable activities 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Home security systems

Appco Group 

Appco Group, part of The Cobra Group of Companies, was founded in 1988 in Sydney, Australia. In just a few years, Appco Group expanded across the world and has become a leader in donor [or door-to-door sales] acquisition, working in 27 countries on five continents. 

Appco Group sells products and services on behalf of the world's largest companies, attracting donors for well known charities. 

Appco generates an annual revenue of more than US$4billion for its clients through the new customers acquired. 
Sales Group International has adopted the model used by Appco Group. 

OSE Limited

OSE Limited was founded in 1993 in the Russian Federation and is a specialist company in direct sales of consumer goods. 

It has become the largest direct sales company in the CIS, with more than 650 company representatives based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Over 8,000 sales representatives work in each city with a population exceeding 50,000 people. 

OSE Limited provides growth and development opportunities to thousands of people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.